At the Swim Academy, we specialize in turning the art of effortless swimming into a skill anyone can master. Whether you’re perfecting your technique, learn to swim from scratch, or gearing up for a long-distance race, our expert trainers are here to guide you.  

Experience the ultimate full-body workout and immerse yourself in a world of premium adult swim lessons set against the backdrop of luxurious facilities, and recharge both body and mind with us. 

Welcome to the pinnacle of aquatic excellence. Welcome to The Swim Academy, where swimming effortlessly becomes second nature.


We believe that personal attention and guidance will help you set clear goals that can be worked towards effectively. Experienced swim trainers work in a small group or private setting according to the most recent insights from Human Movement Sciences. Smaller groups will not only help you to make more progress in less time, it also creates a safe environment with much energy between the coach and swimmer.

Swimming is a complex motor skill, where executing technique accurately is crucial for the swimming experience, efficiency, and speed.  At The Swim Academy, we don’t just teach top-down; we specialize in employing implicit learning methods to make mastering swimming as smooth as the strokes themselves.

Swimming Pools

Experience the best in and around Amsterdam. Our swimming lessons take place at two premium locations, Clubsportive and Special Sports. These state-of-the-art pools provide an ideal setting to refine your swim technique or learn a new stroke. Enjoy luxurious amenities after your workout, including a sauna, Turkish steam bath, and ice bath for post-training relaxation. Discover more about the unique benefits of each location on the following page and elevate your swimming journey.


Unlock your swimming potential and accelerate your progress with personalized one-on-one coaching on your own pace.


Explore new swimming techniques and improve your skills through expert coaching and personalized training in small groups.


Take your swimming skills and stamina to the next level with swim conditioning training, while focusing on form and efficiency.