The Swim Academy

The swim academy was born out of a love for swimming and the passion to help anyone motivated to become a (better) swimmer. If improving your swimming technique, fitness or speed is the goal, helping you achieve this while enjoying the process is our mission.


We believe that personal attention and guidance will help you set clear goals that can be worked towards effectively. Experienced swim trainers work in a small group or private setting according to the most recent insights from the Human Movement Sciences. Smaller groups will not only help you to make more progress in less time, it also creates a safe environment with much energy between the coach and swimmer.

Pool & Spa

The swimming training takes place in the luxurious swimming pool of Clubsportive on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. The 25 meter pool has two lanes, so that our coaches are always close to the swimmers for optimal guidance. After the swim workout, you can relax in the spa. Treat yourself with a visit to the steam bath, sauna or take a hot or cold shower with Zenology products.