Technique Courses

Breaststroke Course

Would you like to learn the swimming basics? Did you never learn how to swim as a child? In the breaststroke course, we will learn you everything there is to know about swimming safely in water. This part consists of an A, B and C course.

Breaststroke A

This course is intended for adult participants without swimming experience and lays the foundation to a healthy swim workout. The main focus is to get comfortable and to enjoy being in and under the water.

Breaststroke B

The B course is the follow-up course of the ‘Breastroke A course’. Learning to swim the legstroke with an efficient technique will be the main focus. The goal is to swim the backstroke safely and independently for longer distances (100m).

Breaststroke C

The objective of this course is to learn how to synchronize the arms, legs and breathing. The goal is to swim the breaststroke and backstroke safely and independently for longer distances (100m).

Frontcrawl Course

Have you always wanted to learn how to swim the frontcrawl? Or would you like to swim more efficiently by improving your frontcrawl technique? The frontcrawl course consists of an introduction and an improvement course.


For swimmers who are not able to swim the Frontcrawl yet and would like to learn. Participants should be able to swim the breaststroke for at least 100m in a row.

Frontcrawl Beginners

The aim of this course is to make your FC technique more efficient. Suitable for swimmers that can already swim 50m FC in a row and are looking to improve their technique.

Swim Workouts

Are you looking to improve your fitness? Would you like to learn to swim more efficiently? And do you like swimming in a varied workout with every time a new training? Than the work outs swims are for you! The swim work outs are offered in 3 levels: going up in level of intensity and technical challenges.


Central to the workout are learning the necessary techniques to bridge longer swimming distances. A wide range of swimming strokes and exercises (mainly breaststroke, backstroke and backcrawl derivatives; no Frontcrawl)


Central to the workout are learning to bridge longer swimming distances at one pace, as well as changing the tempo with the emphasis to maintain and optimize your body position relative to water.


In this course, technique exercises of improving front crawl are paramount interspersed with mostly aerobic training blocks to help you to bridge large swimming distances (1km+) at higher speed.